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The development of the school project is a highlight in the life of Lacassagne. Instigated by Prof. Joël GUIGAY, Director General, who took office in January 2014, the Establishment Project was coordinated by Professor Frédéric PEYRADE on the Medical-Scientific Project component.
The adoption by the Board of Directors on 17 December 2014 of the new 2014-2019 Establishment Project, after a year of intense reflection mobilizing all teams, will accompany the transformation of the Center to adapt to medical revolutions in oncology: immunotherapy, personalized medicine, DNA analysis, protontherapy, development of outpatient surgery …

The goal is to be at the heart of medical progress, while maintaining comprehensive, human and personalized care of our patients.

This project will allow the teams at Lacassagne to be at the forefront of the changes announced by Cancer Plan 3 and EVOLPEC (“UNICANCER: What cancer management in 2020?”), by being the driving force of all innovations, for the direct benefit of patients.


  • Anticipate the structural innovations in oncology to stay one step ahead: characterization of tumors with implementation of a molecular CPR, early test center, outpatient surgery, interventional radiology, comprehensive care of the patient from screening to palliative care, coordination of the patient journey and complex exits.
  • Strengthen the differentiators of the Center (protontherapy, IUFC, research platform with IRCAN).
  • Secure the future by continuing the development of activities to reach a critical size and guarantee the medico-economic balance: opening of 30 medical beds, development of a new surgical activity, developing national and regional cooperation (CHU, public hospitals , private partners …),


For the first time, Lacassagne’s MSP has been developed thanks to the advice of three international experts: Pr François Guillemin (ICU Physiotherapist Alexis Vautrin – CLCC / Nancy – France), Pr Jean Bouhris (Head of the Radio Service -Oncology – Department of Oncology UNIL-CHUV / Lausanne – Switzerland) and Professor Jean-Pascal Machiels (Head of the Medical Oncology Department of the Saint-Luc University Clinics (UCL) / Brussels – Belgium), as well as Unicancer. This project aims for excellence to fully meet the expectations of patients, local health professionals and employees. It is based on a vision of a concrete and ambitious future, focused on the Center’s strengths, to enable it to maintain a leading edge in quality of care, the development of personalized precision medicine and access to Therapeutic innovations.The MSP is built around six transversal axes summarizing the reflections of unit projects:

  • Anticipation of care
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic innovation
  • Humanize and optimize the care pathway for the patient and his family
  • Strengthen and boost health cooperation
  • Develop research activities and the clinical research-activity continuum
  • Teaching: “Train and be trained”

The implementation of the Medical-Scientific Project is based on a vision of the Centere’s future positioning as a major player in the provision of cancer care and the 2014-2019 Cancer Plan.