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A team dedicated to treating international patients

The international team is available to answer your questions. Once your treatment is organised, you will be received in the expert department specialising in your decease.


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An institution 100% dedicated to oncology

Founded in 1961, the Antoine Lacassagne Center is one of the 18 French cancer centers of the Unicancer network. In France, this is the only hospital network dedicated exclusively to the fight against cancer. Each year, more than 540,000 patients are treated in this type of structure, which provides treatment, but also teaching and research.
Innovation, expertise and benevolence drive the Antoine Lacassagne Center’s teams every day.

An institution recognised by the international medical community

The Antoine Lacassagne Center is ranked among the top 100 cancer hospitals in the world by the American magazine Newsweek and is one of the top 10 in France.
The« World’s Best Specialized Hospitals 2021 ranking identifies and acknowledges the best hospitals around the world. The survey for Newsweek was conducted among 40,000 physicians, healthcare professionals and hospital managers from more than 20 countries who rated hospitals in their respective disciplines.

A reference institute in oncology, the Antoine Lacassagne Center aims to provide all patients with the benefits of innovations that will revolutionize future medicine including personalised medicine, immunotherapy, proton therapy, etc., while guaranteeing high-quality healthcare.

In 2016, for the fourth time in a row, the Antoine Lacassagne Center was certified by the French High Authority for Health in category A, the highest level of quality.

The Antoine Lacassagne Center treats all types of cancer

Like all cancer centers, our institution is exclusively dedicated to the treatment of cancer and offers you all the treatment methods: surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
Our Center has four leading activities:
➥ Radiotherapy and proton therapy
With all the radiotherapy treatment techniques available, the Antoine Lacassagne Center has one of the most complete technical platforms in Europe. The Mediterranean ProtonTherapy Institute is equipped with high-energy proton therapy equipment unique in the world, with paediatric oncology as a priority, and low-energy proton therapy equipment, which has already treated 5% of patients with ocular tumours worldwide.

➥ ENT oncology with the University Institute of the Face and Neck
An expert referral center in complex head and neck oncology surgery, the Antoine Lacassagne Center created in 2011 the University Institute of the Face and Neck in collaboration with the University Hospital of Nice, a unique experience in France and a reference teaching hospital center.

➥ Senology with the University Institute of Breast and Gynaecological Oncology
With its University Institute of Breast and Oncology, the Antoine Lacassagne Center is a leader in its field in the management of breast and gynaecological cancers. It offers a global innovation for the treatment of small-sized breast cancer: intraoperative radiotherapy in one minute. These patients can now be treated in a single radiotherapy session lasting one minute, instead of the 30 minutes previously, in the operating room during the procedure to remove their tumour (PerOperative Radiotherapy – POR). They can be treated in one day instead of three or four days of hospitalisation and six weeks of radiotherapy.

➥ Access to therapeutic innovations
The Center offers you the best possible treatment, adapted to your cancer, at the cutting edge of medical knowledge, advances in research and technology. Our institution is a referring institution, which allows other partner institutions to benefit from its equipment. We treat the most frequent cancers as well as the most complex ones. We have an “expert Center” for rare cancers.

La Consolata, a patient accommodation center near the ProtonTherapy Institute

Depending on availability, the Antoine Lacassagne Center can offer accommodation to its patients and accompanying persons, including a full catering service.
La Consolata aims to welcome and accommodate patients undergoing treatment at the Mediterranean Institute of Proton Therapy (MIPT) and whose condition does not require any medical or paramedical follow-up.

The MIPT treatments take place as in conventional radiotherapy with one session per day for 30 working days (every morning except weekends for six weeks), which can be long for both French or foreign patients who come for proton therapy. La Consolata is an alternative to hospitalisation. It is open to all, independent of nationality, social protection scheme or income level.
This saves transport costs and provides pleasant, peaceful accommodation for patients, adults and children, and their families.
La Consolata has 18 rooms.

The PACA Regional Health Agency certified La Consolata in its regional directory of hospital accommodation centers. These accommodation centers aim not only to welcome patients who do not need to be hospitalised, but also offer an accommodation solution to those accompanying patients when they are away from their homes. This certification is a real recognition of the activity carried out at La Consolata.