Are you undergoing treatment at the Antoine Lacassagne Center?


➥ Why do physical activity?
To reduce the side effects of treatments (weight gain, loss of muscle mass, shortness of breath, pain, fatigue, etc.).
• To improve quality of life and well-being.
• To allow re-appropriation of the body.
• To facilitate exchanges, be part of a dynamic project and have fun.
• To reduce the risk of recurrence.

➥ What is the Sport & Cancer Center?
Through a partnership between the Antoine Lacassagne Center and the CAMI Sport & Cancer, and with the support of the National Sport Agency, the Malakoff Médéric Humanis social protection group and the City of Nice, the Sport & Cancer Center offers you:
• Support over a minimum of six months with two sports therapy sessions per week.
• Regular follow-up with the healthcare teams with one consultation every three months.

➥ What is a sports therapy consultation?
It is a physical and sports activity assessment done at the Antoine Lacassagne Center during which the Sports Therapy Practitioner from CAMI Sport & Cancer will discuss with you to best adapt sport to your abilities, needs and desires.
It also consists of a few simple and quick physical tests so that you can follow your progress throughout the programme.

➥ What is a sports therapy session?
It concerns a physical activity adapted to the consequences of cancer and its treatments, supervised by a sports therapy practitioner specifically trained in physical and sports activity in oncology.
The sessions are based on a teaching method specifically created by CAMI Sport & Cancer, Médiété®, which is a sequence of movements and exercises mobilising the entire body.
The sessions last one hour and are carried out in groups at the AnimaNice Pasteur Center.

➥ How much does it cost?
Through the support of the French National Sports Agency, the social protection group Malakoff Médéric Humanis and the City of Nice, and also the joint action of the Antoine Lacassagne Center and the CAMI Sport & Cancer association, consultations and sports therapy are free.


To find out more about the CAMI:

STEP 1 …
… Talk to your doctor and ask him/her to prescribe physical activity sessions.
STEP 2 …
… Make an appointment with the sports therapy practitioner at CAMI Sport & Cancer
for a more detailed presentation of the proposed physical activity and, if you wish to join
the programme, an initial consultation.

You can make an appointment with the sports therapy practitioner
By telephone on +33 (0)782 979 661 (between 9 am and 6 pm)
By email at