Early Phase Unit EPU

The Early Phase Unit, dedicated to the evaluation of innovative molecules, has four outpatient hospital beds, its own nursing team, sampling technicians, a clinical research associate and a doctor.

The rooms are equipped with cameras for optimal and continuous monitoring by the medical and healthcare team, which is necessary for the care of patients suitable for early phase clinical trials.

Two resource bodies are linked to this unit:

The EAST-PACA-MONACO Molecular Biology Transversal Meeting whose missions are:

  • Screening for molecular anomalies acquired with the techniques available in the laboratories of the EAST-PACA cancer molecular genetics hospital platform
  • Treatment of patients in whom an actionable molecular anomaly has been demonstrated:
    – By the molecules available (off-label, clinical trials)
    – By referring the patient to a team that has adequate therapy in development

The REPOS network (South-East Oncology Early Trials Network)

The network was founded from the need to structure a clinical research activity in a network to facilitate patient access to innovative molecules while attracting industrial and academic sponsors.

Recruitment of patients in the region is therefore based on the Network of Early Trials in Oncology of the South-East, supported by the ONCOPACA-Corsica network, which groups 12 public or private hospitals in East-PACA, Corsica and Monaco.