The Biological Resource Center of the Antoine Lacassagne Center (BRC-ALC) was restructured in January 2018 under the responsibility of Dr Anne SUDAKA-BAHADORAN and managed by a Biobank Manager.

The BRC-ALC, an integral part of the Department of Clinical Research and Innovation, ensures the reception, preparation, storage and provision of high-quality tissue, blood and cell samples taken in the context of care for internal or external research programmes.

Its goal is to make progress in research against cancer by relying on various academic and/or industrial clinical and translational research programmes at a national and international level, prospectively or retrospectively.

The BRC-ALC guarantees the donor’s consent, compliance with regulations, protection of persons, as well as the quality and traceability of the stored samples. This activity, strictly regulated with respect for patients, is authorised for the preservation and preparation of elements of the human body with a view to their transfer for scientific use, granted by the Ministry of Higher Education and of Research, and is certified in accordance with the AFNOR NF-S 96900 standard (Quality of Biological Resource Centers).

The BRC-ALC has seven major collections:

> Breast tumours
> Malignant and benign thyroid tumours
> ENT tumours
> Malignant and benign salivary gland tumours
> Sarcomatous/soft tissue disease
> Cutaneous tumours (excluding melanomas)
> Haematology

It provides:

> Tissues (frozen and/or in paraffin)
> Whole blood
> Plasma
> Serum
> Cell cultures

A form is available for all requests for biological samples.

A form is available for all requests to store a biological collection.

This will be analysed by the Scientific Committee of the BRC and the Biobank Manager will verify the availability of samples.

Once the project has been validated, a provision contract (MTA: Material Transfer Agreement) is then signed between the parties.