You may receive mail during your hospitalization. A postmaster ensures regular distribution of mail and can also give you postal orders. If you wish to send mail, please contact the secretariat of the unit.


All Antoine Lacassagne Center staff respect your opinions and your religion. A place of worship, reflection and prayer is at your disposal permanently. It is located in the tunnel between buildings A and B.

Catholic chaplaincy
Mr PIARD +33(0)610 813 080

Protestant chaplaincy
Mrs GANTZ +33(0)683 554 345

Orthodox worship
Mrs FUNCK-DLOUSSKY +33(0)636 208 544

Armenian Apostolic Church
Father BOGOSSIAN +33(0)661 892 029

Jewish worship
Mr DARMON +33(0)659 030 566

Muslim worship
Union of Muslims of the Alpes-Maritimes +33(0)609 847 460


An interpreter can assist you during your stay. Check with the unit’s health officer.

Family Area

There is an area for families to relax which is located on the 2nd floor of building B. It has television, a children’s corner, computer with free internet access.


Our catering provider Elior prepares meals on-site – traditional family food made with fresh products.
The catering and care teams provide a “Menu of the week”, with replacement card. You will find it on the floors or with dietician.


Located on the ground floor of building A, next to a sunny veranda,

it is open :

  • Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00
  • Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 to 18:00

You will find :

  • A fast food corner:
  • homemade sandwiches, salads, dairy products, pastries, confectionery, ice cream …
  • hot and cold drinks
  • breakfast and lunch menus
  • A Shop Area:
  • magazines, newspapers
  • essential products
  • gifts …


These can be found in the tunnel between buildings A and B, and on the ground floor of building B (Radiotherapy). They provide cold drinks, hot drinks, confectionery, small cakes, brownies, chips, sandwiches, fruits fresh…


  • Breakfast from 07:30
  • Lunch from 11:50
  • snack from 15:30
  • Dinner from 19:00


If you are hospitalized in a day hospital, the Room-Service Trolley will pass from 12:00 to 13:00 to provide refreshments.


The dietician is there to listening to you. Each day, you will choose your meals together, according to your taste and respecting food balance and diet.
To change a dish, call between 8:30 and 9:00 for lunch, between 14:30 and 15:00 for dinner on: 1521 or 2823 (free call from your landline)


You can have your lunch or dinner accompanied by a person in your room by buying a ticket at the Cafeteria the day before for the next day (€10 including tax ).
An accompanying bed can be installed in your room (for single rooms only) if your doctor agrees.


Accompanying persons cannot normally stay with you for breakfast due to medical care given at this time. They may eat in the restaurant located next to the Family Area (building B, 2nd floor) or at the Cafeteria (Building A, DRC). Only with exceptional permission from the medical team may the accompanying person stay with his relative for breakfast.


  • Access to France 2 free
  • Full channel access can be reserved at the Cafeteria: 33 TV channels and 24 radio channels, which are charged as follows:
  • € 3.80 / day the first 5 days
  • € 2.25 / day from the 6th day
  • € 1.45 / day from the 15th day


Outside line is requested at the Cafétéria.


Warning: unused credit is not refunded.
Payments: credit card, check or cash.