Building A and Building B: 33, avenue de Valombrose, 06189 Nice Cedex 2
The entrance is at building A. The two buildings are connected by a tunnel “Camin dei Art”


Building A
Cafeteria, Supportive Care, Consultations, ERI®, External Care, Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, University Institute of Breast and Gynecological Cancer (ex Breast Clinic), Day Hospital, Surgery, Ambulatory Surgery Unit, Early Stage Unit
Building B
Radiotherapy, Iratherapy, Brachytherapy, Complete Hospitalization, Biological Resource Centre, Week Hospital, Protected Unit, Supportive Laboratories, Family Room, Place of meditation, Accounting Department
University Institute of the Face and Neck
Consultations, External Care, Functional Explorations, Ambulatory Surgical Unit, Continuous Surveillance Unit, Hospital Units Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy for Indoor Use


Mediterranean Institute of Proton Therapy and CyberKnife: 227, Avenue de la Lanterne, 06200 Nice