The 2020-2024 mission statement of the Antoine Lacassagne Center presents a historic transformation of our hospital. It describes an ambitious and realistic strategy by reaffirming our values and our public service missions while continuing to pursue excellence in care, teaching, research and innovation.

It was formed through a demanding process of regular exchanges, reflections and proposals that mobilised a very large number of employees from all professions, and from all departments and functional departments.

We have developed the mission statement as an area of institutional reflection that has enabled us to ask ourselves the main question that concerns us today as actors of an institution specialising in the fight against cancer: “What should a Center for the Fight Against Cancer look like in the next five years and beyond?”. External documents were used to do this (EVOLPEC 2.0 and Unicancer strategic project, Regional Health Project) and each of our departments built its own project during the rich and productive thematic workshops to help feed the institutional strategic framework.

Our 2020-2024 trajectory establishes our institution locally and aims to stimulate and support the territorial strategy for public cancer care by providing a clearer view of the healthcare sectors and by participating in the strengthening of solutions closer to the patient.

The mission statement also includes a prospective dimension, namely an approach aimed at preparing for the future in a constantly changing environment, whether to respond to the needs of patients, users and healthcare professionals, the implementation of therapeutic innovations, the pursuit of organisational transformations, continuous adaptation to legislative and regulatory changes, and the essential consideration of economic and political conditions. The mission statement must enable our Center, while capitalising on the achievements and previous strategic orientations, to adapt to the future challenges of oncology and to societal and therapeutic changes.

In addition to the means implemented to meet future challenges, our institution aims to consolidate its values and our common commitments with all the Centers for the Fight Against Cancer, which remain a model both in research and in the field of therapeutic and organisational innovation.

The strategic mission is supplemented by several other complementary and cross-cutting components: management project, quality project, information system project, etc., because all of the functional sectors must contribute to its success and its ambitions while maintaining strong requirements in terms of quality of care, maintenance of budgetary and financial balances, and security.

As a mission statement is built with the women and men who will implement it and bring it to life, two specific areas will also be developed with particular attention: the social mission and the quality of life at work approach. Through each employee, by understanding, communicating and effectively implementing their projects, our Center will be able to truly evolve and transform.

Finally, this mission also considers the consequences of the health crisis linked to the Coronavirus pandemic, which shook our health system in the spring of 2020. We must seize the new opportunities that will arise in the coming years and draw the necessary lessons from them as soon as they fall within the priorities of this mission statement.

Consult the 2020-2024 strategic mission statement of the Antoine Lacassagne Center (french)