Administrative procedures

When you come to the center, make sure you bring the following documents:

  • Official ID (ID card, passport, residence permit)
  • Valid health insurance card


To obtain an appointment with a medical specialist, simply call reception on 04 92 03 11 00 or 04 92 03 11 03 from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5.30pm.
For an ENT pathology consultation, contact the University Institute of Face and Neck on 04 92 03 17 05 or 04 92 03 17 11.
For a consultation or examination for a mammary pathology, call the University Institute of Breast and Gynecological Oncology on 04 92 03 11 11.
If the line is busy, do not hesitate to use the call back system which is offered.


Your referring doctor (GP or specialist) has prescribed a medical examination at Antoine Lacassagne Center. Below is the necessary information.

  • Radiology
    Appointment for an examination: Ultrasound, Scanner, MRI, …
    Contact 04 92 03 11 79 ou 04 92 03 15 49
    Administrative formalities: Reception on level 1- Radiology
  • University Institute of Breast and Gynecological Oncology
    Appointment for an examination: Mammography, Ultrasound,…
    Contact 04 92 03 11 11
    Administrative formalities: Reception-University Institute of Breast and Gynecological Oncology level 0
  • Nuclear medicine
    Appointment for an examination: Scintigraphy, Petscan …
    Contact 04 92 03 11 46
    Administrative formalities: Reception level 0

You must bring:

  • Your prescription
  • Products you have been prescribed for the exam
  • Previous examination results


Administrative formalities for hospitalization are carried out by the reception team (reception desk located on the ground floor of Building A). For ENT pathologies, admission is carried out at the IUFC.


    • Hospitalisation Costs

If you have french social insurance, 80% of the costs of a stay are covered by the french social protection scheme, the remaining 20% is at your expense or that of your complimentary insurance.

    • Daily fee

This is a daily €20 fee which is added to the hospitalization costs. This is payable by you or your insurance, depending on your contract.
You can pay it on the day of your departure or the invoice will be sent by mail.

    • Single room

You could ask for a single room at Reception; and you will pay an additional amount unless it is covered by your insurance. These rooms are subject to availability.


Documents to provide for social entitlement:

  • Form of international convention:
  • transitional migrant (S2)
  • permanent migrant (AME)
  • Notification of Universal Health Cover (CMU)
  • Notification of special education allowance

You will be required to pay a deposit if you are not insured, if you do not reside in France, and for any other services not covered by social organizations.

The Social Service at Lacassagne can intervene to facilitate the care of poorer patients.
Social Service Secretariat 04 92 03 12 46


Daily rates related to hospitalization

  • Full hospitalization: € 1,651
  • Day hospitalization – Chemotherapy: 813 €
  • Proton therapy session: € 1,800
  • CyberKnife session: € 1,395
  • Individual room supplement: €50-55 per day.

At Antoine Lacassagne Center, patient care is solely based on French Social Security rates.
Additional fees and private consultations are not practiced in the establishment.


Monday to Friday from 7:45 am to 6 pm.
Outside of these days and times, contact PC Security at the entrance of the area in front of Building A. If you are admitted on Sunday, admission registration must be carried out on Monday morning.