By setting up a Department of Clinical Research, the Antoine Lacassagne Center responds to a public service mission of health institutions, which must meet teaching, training and research obligations in addition to their primary mission, which is patient care.

Since 1995, clinical research at the Antoine Lacassagne Center has evolved to become a department in its own right, becoming a major strategic focus for the Center.

The department is now composed of two functional units for patient care (Clinical Research Center and Early Phase Unit), a DRCI-certified Department of Clinical Research, which coordinates all the studies carried out at the Center, and finally a Biological Resource Center (BRC), which manages tissue and blood samples.

For several years, the Department of Clinical Research has been part of a continuous quality improvement process which resulted, in 2016, in the ISO 9001 certification of the DCRI and the BRC. The latter is also certified NF S96-900 (BRC standards).

The Department of Clinical Research is directed by Dr Delphine BORCHIELLINI, who provides the link between the Early Phase Unit directed by Dr Esma SAADA-BOUZID, the Clinical Research Center directed by Dr Delphine BORCHIELLINI, the DCRI directed by Mrs Christine LOVERA and the Clinical Research Center directed by Dr Anne SUDAKA-BAHADORAN.

The head of the department must also ensure that all the entities of the Department of Clinical Research meet the strategic axes defined by the strategic orientation committee and the mission statement.

Finally, each member of the department strives on a daily basis to comply with the regulations in force (French, European and international) and good clinical practices, but also good laboratory practices for the BRC.