The department is responsible for supply, dispensing, support for proper use and therapeutic and financial monitoring of all pharmaceutical products for the Center.

It comprises 4 units:


This unit manages:

  • dressings
  • sterile single-use medical devices
  • stable blood products
  • medical fluids
  • clinical study treatments

Special status drugs (ATU, DGOS Authorization, importation …) to the various care services for inpatients and outpatient for both Lacassagne and the IUFC.

Pharmacists and interns in pharmacy validate daily pharmaceutical validation of medical prescriptions and clinical pharmacy.


which prepares and dispenses all injectable anti-cancer treatments, including therapeutic test products, in premises located on the 6th floor of the IUFC, which is equipped with 3 independent dual-post insulators.


Located in the unit of Nuclear Medicine, Bat A-1, its activity is divided into 3 areas:
– preparation of radiopharmaceuticals for conventional nuclear medicine (MNC)
– preparation of radiopharmaceuticals for Nuclear Medicine PET (MN TEP)
– cellular marking


Located in Lacassagne-IUFC Operating Room, it carries out the preparation and treatment of surgical instrumentation prior to sterilization, which is outsourced.

The 4 units share the same values of quality, respect for good professional practices and patient safety.

The team is made up of:

  • 3 pharmacists, spread over the various specialty sectors,
  • two interns in pharmacy,
  • a unit framework coordinating activities and teams,
  • a medical assistant,
  • 2 preparation coordinators,
  • qualified preparers in hospital pharmacy,
  • apprentices in pharmacy,
  • pharmacy helpers,
  • storekeepers

a team of 30 professionals.

The IPD coordinates an Institutional Therapeutic Education Program dedicated to patients with breast cancer: the STEP program, which has a dozen workshops and is specifically run by practitioners: surgeon , medical oncologist, radiotherapist, algologist, nutritionist, onco-geneticist, onco-geriatrician.



Chef de Département Mme Isabelle BENARD-THIERY
Cadre de Département M. Guy MARTINICO
Coordonnatrice Mme Fabienne MEUNIER