The DISSPO Day Hospital receives patients at all stages of the disease, presenting a complex picture with resistant, disabling symptoms, or, quite simply, need a specific form of accompaniment.

DISSPO receives 4 patients and their relatives daily from Monday to Friday. Most of these patients come from home but also from other hospital services.

In just a few hours, the main physical symptoms (including pain with the possibility of a morphine pump after titration) are taken care of, as well as psychosocial symptoms, and support for patients and caregivers.

Depending on the needs identified, appropriate participants are asked to contribute to the multi-disciplinary consultation, in liaison with the oncologist referent.

Coordination with the attending physician and home care providers is also essential for which DISSPO plays a key role.

Regular monitoring in DISSPO enables the patient’s care to be adapted, whilst fighting against the feeling of abandonment sometimes felt by patients when they stop specific treatments.