• Takes into account the difficulties expressed after diagnosis is announced.
  • Gives information regarding examinations and treatments.
  • Organizes, coordinates and monitors the personalized care program.

This provides time for discussion and explanation of the disease and treatments to provide you with appropriate information.

The diagnosis is announced by the referring doctor of the center who will inform you about your illness and the therapeutic alternatives.

He will propose a complementary consultation with the announcement nurse.

The nurse provides additional information or rephrases what has not been fully understood. The nurse explains the treatment protocol, undesirable effects and their prevention, clarifies the modalities of examinations and surgical interventions …

The nurse gives practical and personalized information and informs about the specificities of the establishment.

She reviews with you the various appointments. Documentation summarizing the information received during the interview is sent to you as well as a directory with the direct lines of targeted positions.

Finally, depending on the identified needs (social, psychological, nutritional), she will direct you towards other professionals of DISSPO.

ENT 04 92 03 17 08
Senology and Therapeutic Monitoring 04 92 03 12 00
Senology and CMYP 04 92 03 11 60
Digestive and Pneumology 04 92 03 16 14