Provide support in the psychological, psychiatric, behavioral, family and social components related to the illness.
The purpose of psycho-oncology is to take into account the psychological, behavioral, family and social dimensions of cancer. It essentially responds to the need to prevent and treat the negative repercussions of the cancerous disease on the psyche of the patient and his entourage, to help the patient to keep his freedom of decision, by proposing a support adapted to the needs of the patient and his relatives. It can also help manage risk associated behaviors such as smoking.

At Antoine Lacassagne Center, psycho-oncology is practiced by psychologists and a psychiatrist with inpatients or outpatients, during treatment but also after, concerned with reintegration, the future and possible sequelae.

These professionals are able to talk to patients and their relatives, without judgment, about their reactions to the disease and its consequences. They help find the best ways to get through this difficult time.

When hospitalised or during an outpatient visit
At an external consultation, by appointment
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