Thyroid cancer is not very common. It represents 5 to 10% of thyroid nodules, and 1 to 2% of solid cancers.

Nevertheless, its incidence has been steadily increasing over the last 4 decades, largely due to improved means of diagnosis (ultrasound and needle aspiration in particular).

A distinction must be made between thyroid carcinomas, of so-called follicular strain, which are the more usual and spinal cancers, less frequent, which are treated differently.

The prognosis is generally very good, but specific monitoring is necessary.

A multidisciplinary team covers diagnosis, treatment, surveillance, research and teaching.

This team includes specialists in thyroid ultrasound, ENT surgeons, nuclear doctors, and endocrinologists.

Diagnosis is often made by sonographers and pathologists.

If a thyroid nodule is found suspect in ultrasound and cytology, surgery will be required.

Surgery is carried out within the IUFC, which brings together surgeons from Lacassagne and the University Hospital Center of Nice.

The IUFC is a regional specialist center for Thyroid cancers.

The files of thyroid cancer patients are regularly discussed at Multidisciplinary Consultation Meetings to decide on the appropriate therapeutic management, or specific monitoring (physicians responsible for CPR: Pr Sadoul, Dr. Benisvy,

RCP secretaries: : Anne-Marie Ducarroir (CHU) et Véronique Lenormand (CAL).

Patients to receive radioactive iodine treatment (IRAtherapy) will be seen in consultation in the Nuclear Medicine department (Building A, Level -1).

The IRAtherapy is then programmed and carried out during hospitalization in the medical service (Building B, Niv 3, zone of IRAthérapie).

The purpose of radioiodine treatment is to simplify monitoring, reduce risk of recurrence, and above all to have a whole-body scan, useful for the thyroid cancer check-up.

Monitoring examinations will then be programmed and coordinated by the Nuclear Medicine Department, in collaboration with the endocrinologist, the ENT surgeon and the patient’s doctor.

In some more difficult cases, files requiring a referral RCP are presented to the national bi-monthly referral committee THUTHYREF “Resistent Thyroid Tumors”, for opinion (Contact for presentation of files Dr D. Benisvy )


Dr Julie Sanglier
Pr Jean-Louis Sadoul (endocrinology)

Dr Danielle Benisvy
Dr Colette Zwarthoed


Dr Isabelle Peyrottes (CAL)
Pr Paul Hofman (CHU)
Dr Sandra Lassalle (CHU)


Pr. A. Bozec – ENT and Surgery of Face and Neck – CAL
Pr L. Castillo – ENT and Surgery of Face and Neck – CHU
Dr. O. Dassonville – ENT and Surgery of Face and Neck – CAL
Dr. N. Guevara – ENT and Surgery of Face and Neck – CHU
Dr. G. Poissonnet – ENT and Surgery of Face and Neck – CAL
Dr. N.Vincent – ENT and Head and Neck Surgery – CHU
Dr C.Vandersteen – ENT and Head and Neck Surgery – CHU


Dr Christophe Hebert
Pr Frédéric Peyrade
Dr Esma Saada-Bouzid


Dr Karen Benezery

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