Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. It accounts for more than one third of all female cancers.

Lacassagne offers fast comprehensive and personalized care at all stages of the care path, ranging from screening to oncogenetic analysis and including all treatments: surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapies, radiotherapy, hormone therapy; as well as support care.


  • The University Institute of Breast and Gynecological Oncology

In 2012, the Antoine Lacassagne Center created a unique unit in the department, bringing together a modern technical platform and all the professionals specialised in the management of breast cancer (surgeons, radiologists, radiotherapists, oncologists and supportive care). In 2017, the Breast Clinic became the University Institute of Breast and Gynaecological Cancer.


A leader in its health territory in the management of breast and gynaecological cancers, the Antoine Lacassagne Center has set up – in accordance with certain guidelines set out in its 2020-2024 mission statement – an accelerated course dedicated to the rapid diagnosis and prompt management of breast cancer: the “Senoday”.

➥ Who is this new course for?
This course is intended for any patient wishing to see a doctor for the strong suspicion of breast cancer: a mass discovered on palpation, unilateral nipple discharge or axillary adenomegaly.
It is also intended for patients with a radiological abnormality diagnosed on a mammogram or by ultrasound (ACR4, ACR5), but who have not yet had a biopsy.

➥ How is the morning planned?
The day begins with a consultation with a breast surgeon who collects the clinical information.
The patient is then referred to the radiologist who performs a complete assessment (mammography, ultrasound, re-reading of external images) and a biopsy or cytology, if indicated. This sample is sent within the hour when possible to the anatomopathology laboratory for an initial analysis.
The patient sees the surgeon again at the end of the morning to receive the results and a first therapeutic approach. If a biopsy was not carried out, or if a rapid analysis was not possible, the patient is still seen again by the surgeon after the imaging consultation.

An appointment is scheduled within seven days after receiving the final results of the biopsy. The final treatment decision will then be defined with the proposals made by the Multidisciplinary Consultation Meeting.

➥How to make an appointment ?
For an appointment request, a unique number is at your disposal: ALLO SEIN 04 92 03 11 11

Department of Medical Oncology

Pr Jean-Marc Ferrero
Dr Caroline Bailleux
Dr Anne Creisson
Dr Agnès Ducoulombier
Dr Philippe Follana
Dr Thibault Le Bourgeois
Dr Véronique Mari
Dr Rémy Largillier
Dr Véronique Mari (Onco-genetics)

Department of General, Gynecological and Senological Cancer Surgery

Pr Emmanuel Barranger
Dr Antoine Defer
Dr Yann Delpech
Dr Maud Duquesne
Dr Marie Gosset
Dr Andrea Figl
Dr Jean-Christophe Machiavello
Dr Estelle Mallet
Dr Morgane Picard
Dr Henri Remy
Dr Emilie Roux

Radiotherapy Department

Dr Marie-Eve Chand Fouché
Dr Anais Groulier
Pr Jean-Michel Hannoun-Levi

STEP: Breast Therapy Education Program
Lacassagne has set up a Therapeutic Education Program, called STEP, for patients treated for breast cancer.

Aimed at any patient treated at the Center, in the city or in another institution, this program aims to provide a better understanding of the disease, a better knowledge of the proposed treatments but also to provide information in respect of daily life: dietetics, physical activity, pain management, geriatric approach, psychological approach, notion of genetics … in order to increase acceptance and tolerance of treatment.

After an educational diagnosis, each patient is offered a program tailored to their needs in the form of group or individual workshops, led by a practitioner and a caregiver.